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As for the Mac version of PDF Expert, it adjusts to the system settings, but the chosen mode doesn’t affect the files themselves. Meanwhile, you can set the Night or Sepia theme to improve your reading experience on Mac. You can check whether your file is in Bin. For this, click the Bin icon in the bottom right corner. If you use Time Machine to back up your Mac, you can recover your files as described in this article.

Please note that due to the design specifics of the macOS system, all files you’ve ever opened in PDF Expert are saved locally on your device, not in the PDF Expert app, and can be modified via the Finder app. If your Mac is connected to the iCloud storage, try recovering the deleted files on iCloud. There is an easy way to do it:. Our team is happy to help you personally – press “yes” under the question below to contact us.

In the meantime, you are also welcome to check out our self-service articles:. We will, of course, treat logs as confidential information, never share them with third parties and retain them according to our Privacy Policy. Then, connect it again and check if it helped.

If your account uses conditional access , the admin of your organization should configure the rights for your account – you can refer to this article for the instructions.

Dropbox sync errors can be caused by the specific copyrighted file if its sharing is restricted by Dropbox’s copyright policy. If you sync a file and its sharing is restricted by Dropbox copyright policy, you will see an exclamation mark on the folder and a Restricted content error on the file thumbnail.

Remove the file from the folder to get rid of the error message. Some cloud services impose special character restrictions for the names of files and folders. Using such special characters might lead to sync errors. If restricted characters are used in the titles of files and folders, you will see an exclamation mark on the folder and an unknown error on the file thumbnail.

Please check your cloud service support section for more information on special character limitations. Try restarting the app by clicking Force Quit in the Apple menu or on the app’s icon in the dock. If it doesn’t help, contact us by choosing “Yes” under the question below. In your message, describe the issue you are experiencing with PDF Expert.

The steps are listed in order: start with the first one, see if that helps, and then continue to the next one if it doesn’t. Try opening this file in the Preview app – this is a standard macOS viewer that uses the same system component as our app. If none of it helps, please send us the crash logs by following the steps below – we’re happy to help you personally. If none of it helps, please send us the logs at rdsupport readdle. Note: Since PDF Expert for Mac doesn’t have a folder structure, all your files are safely stored on your computer and can be opened with any other PDF viewer app, for instance, the Preview app.

Try printing the file in the Preview app. If you’re using a printer with system drivers and if you have trouble printing a file – e. PDF Expert uses the macOS system printing, thus we’re always suggesting that you try printing the same file in the Preview app since this app uses the same system component as ours in terms of printing.

If it doesn’t help, try opening this file in the Preview app – this is a standard macOS viewer that uses the same system component as our app:. If the issue persists on iOS device, try opening the problematic PDF in the iBooks app – this is a standard iOS app that uses the same system component as we do:. We recommend opening the file in an advanced PDF editor app e. In case the file can’t be opened and instead you see the message about it being corrupted, these are the first aid steps for your PDF:.

At Readdle, we take your privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy explains how we treat your data to provide safety for your data, and our Team is always ready to answer any of your questions regarding this topic. To ask, simply choose “Yes” under the question below. PDF Expert.

Contact Us. Something doesn’t work. I want to share feedback. I’d like to suggest a feature. I have a Privacy question. What are you interested in? Sync PDF Expert between devices. Sync stamps and signatures. Restore accidentally deleted files. Enable Dark Mode. How to share a file. Other cloud storages do not sync signatures and stamps between devices for now.

This content will be shown depending on when button above is clicked. To turn on the Dark Mode on your device, please follow these steps: Open the Settings app. Tick Dark. Mac iOS. It helped, thanks. It didn’t help. Thank you for using PDF Expert! There is an easy way to do it: 1. Launch PDF Expert and open the needed file. Click at the top right and choose the way to share.

Open PDF Expert. You can create customizable “stamps” for oft-used annotations a friend to copy editors everywhere , edit the structure of the PDF, zip multiple documents together, password-protect your files, and sync with iCloud.

The Pro upgrade takes those tools one step further and allows you to physically crack open a PDF and edit it on the spot. Have a spelling error in your ready-to-print proof? You get the basics for free, and more powerful features with a PRO subscription.

I’ve rewritten this intro to LiquidText about five times now, largely because the multitouch annotation app has this slippery way of defying description. A traditional sign-and-form-fill annotation app this is not — LiquidText is built for projects, novels, research papers, and dusty libraries. Lawyer and Mac enthusiast David Sparks describes it as being “engineered around the idea of reviewing long PDF documents better. There’s a better way to organize your research, and this app is it.

At its core, LiquidText focuses on the pain point of annotating lengthy documents, giving users a number of tools to do it in a way wholly unlike any other PDF app on the market.

You can use multitouch gestures to pinch together large sections of a document. For instance, you could look at an introductory thesis statement next to its midpoint argument to see if it properly connects the dots.

You can pull annotations out from the document they belong to — like clippings or post-its — and organize them together or even link them along the right side of the screen. And all of this is lightning fast and wholly enjoyable, thanks to LiquidText’s speedy and simple UI. The Apple Pencil makes all of this even better, giving users specific gestures to highlight and pull out annotations as they review documents. For those who need this kind of workflow, there’s no better app than LiquidText out there — and possibly no better workflow.

LiquidText is a PDF app that is built for those who are working on lengthy research papers, novels, and other in-depth projects. Want to maximize your productivity when it comes to PDFs and documents? Then iAnnotate is a great option to consider. The biggest draw with iAnnotate is the iPad Pro multitasking support, which allows you to view two documents side-by-side. It’ll automatically annotate when you use an Apple Pencil, and you can pan, zoom, and scroll with your fingers at will, no tool switching needed, making it a streamlined experience.

There are even keyboard shortcuts if you want to maximize efficiency. All markups on your documents can be saved directly, letting you view markups in external PDF readers. The Flatten feature compresses annotations onto the document to prevent modifications from being made. A situation that this is great for is when there needs to be multiple signatures on a document, as the Flatten feature prevents others from making unauthorized modifications or changes.

With iAnnotate 4, you’re getting Pro-level features for one flat rate price, with no in-app purchases to pester you. While screenshots are wonderful and useful, and incorporating them into note apps are easy and useful, when working with pdfs, being able to use the image quality and format of the pdf books i own allows me to work with the content as is, rather than an image of it, which really appeals to me. I had a few issues with my acquisition with regards to its update to version 7, and through this learned how attentive and thoughtful Readdle is to their user base, including new users.

They made me feel like they really wanted me to make the best use of their software and feel like it should have a place in my workflow. I’m grateful to the quick responses and attention to my needs and uses. And talk about customer service! If only all companies had their finesse!

On the next update lilac was there! Now, of course, there are plenty of color options. So impressed. With every update PDF Expert only gets better. Bravo to the Readdle team! Congratulations on many excellent products backed by a superior customer experience! Keep up the good work! The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:. The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

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Aug 08, · A 7-day free trial lets you test out PDF Expert for yourself and from there, you can either pay a monthly subscription to use the software but Readdle also has a . Once PDF Expert is downloaded and installed on your Mac you are able to make the app your default reader for all PDF files. There is an easy way to do it: 1. Open PDF Expert, tap PDF Expert in the upper menu and select Preferences. 2. In the “Default PDF Reader” section, select PDF Expert from the list. Jun 17, · Calendars by Readdle gives you access to a free 7-day trial so that you can experience the app to the full. At the end of the free trial period, you can continue with the free plan or choose the PRO plan. With a free plan: you get a basic calendar. It’s handy for a fairly even pace of work and life when you need to know what day of the week.


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Want to fix a typo or add a couple of zeros to an invoice? Got an application or a pdf expert readdle free form to fill out? Exeprt the best way to do it on your Mac. Find out how. Our support team is more than happy to assist you regarding any of our products. Please, email us, so we may help you. We will send you link shortly. Open Double-click on the downloaded file. Confirm Click Open when you see the pop-up message. Install Click Install to complete the process. Have problems installing PDF Expert?

Watch how to. Notify me. Here are some useful tips that might help you become a expeert PDF expert:. How to edit PDFs Want to fix a typo or add a couple of zeros to an invoice? Read more. How to fill out PDF forms Got an application or a tax form to fill out? Contact Support Our support team is more than happy to assist you regarding any of our products.

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