We all aspire to appear in a better appearance and restore the luster of the years of youth and youthful appearance and its attractiveness. If you suffer from baldness or want to have a thick beard or full and attractive head hair, we put the solution in your hands. Our teams have great experience in hair transplantation and its techniques and we are available In Istanbul and Germany – Holland – France – Turkey – Mexico – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia With clinics equipped with the latest technology, the quality and experience that we possess guarantees you the result you want, with us you will smile in the mirror every time you look at yourself.

Techniques Used

Techniques used in hair transplantation

FUE technique

Through this technique, the follicles are extracted from the donor area through the micro motor, which number approximately (4000) follicles, to be transplanted in the recipient area by opening minute channels in the bald areas with precise medical forceps. Hair transplantation takes place within (6-8) hours.

(Mega FUE) technology

(Mega FUE) is characterized by the fact that it takes place over two sessions in two consecutive days, through which a maximum of (8000) grafts are transplanted, to give the hair more density.

(Ultimate FUE) Technology

The (Ultimate FUE) technique differs from the (FUE) technique in that it is done through a medical scalpel with a fine sapphire tip that prevents any damage to the scalp during the extraction process.

(DHI) Technology

Through it, the doctor opens channels in the baldness areas to be treated with Choi Pen Implanter, and then implants the extracted follicles with one click and at the same time, the number of follicles that are implanted is (3500), and the process takes about (6-8) hour.

(Mega DHI) Technology

The (Mega DHI) technique is characterized by the fact that it is conducted over two sessions in two consecutive days, and that is also done through Choi pens, but through them a maximum of (7000) grafts are transplanted, giving the hair density and attractiveness.


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Tips before a hair transplant

There are some important tips that must be adhered to before a hair transplant: Avoid smoking for at least two weeks before the operation, because it affects the growth of the follicles and affects the results of the operation. Refrain from consuming green tea; They are considered blood thinners, and they cause severe bleeding during and after the operation, and lead directly to the failure of the implant. Avoid coffee and stimulants in general at least four days before transplantation, because they are stimulants that affect the anesthesia process. It is recommended to eat a healthy and balanced diet before the operation, in order to avoid any complications that may occur during or after the operation. Stop taking medical drugs that cause blood thinners, such as; Aspirin and ibuprofen compounds.

What is plasma injection?

It is an injection that is prepared from the patient’s blood by drawing blood, separating the blood components from each other, and obtaining blood plasma through a centrifuge. Then appropriate vitamins and minerals are added to it and injected into the scalp, which in turn works to stimulate collagen production. After the hair transplant procedure, the center and the doctor are interested in conducting plasma sessions for the patient by setting a plan to determine the number of sessions that each patient needs to achieve the ideal result, as the plasma sessions after the operation are no less important than the success of the hair transplant itself, as it works to activate the stem cells of the hair follicles Cultivated and found in it increases its strength and density and prevents any future hair loss Plasma injection is a promising treatment for all men and women who suffer from hair loss because of its effective role in strengthening the follicles and roots of hair to prevent hair loss.

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