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What’s the Difference Between SolidWorks Standard, Professional and Premium?.

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The Standard package contains the most common features as listed below:. The premium package includes all the Standard package features as well as those listed below:. How much does SolidWorks Student cost? The student version is a time-limited version that works for one year and has almost all of the full-size features, but with some minor modifications that make it unsuitable for commercial applications. Check out our SolidWorks Student Edition: free and licensed versions overview article.

Details below. Register now. An educator version for college professors, which includes all of the normal functionality with built —in courses and interactive lessons. If your business is less than 3 years old, you are not currently using SolidWorks, and have an idea for a physical product that you plan to design using CAD and eventually manufacture, you may be eligible for SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs program.

This program provides start-ups with free software, traning and co-marketing resources. You will receive SolidWorks premium software products, online training, certification, co-marketing opportunities participation in events, promotion on social media and email campaigns , design guidance and access to knowledge resources white papers, videos etc.

Click here to apply. So, it is very much like renting anyway, except for the fact that even if you stop paying the annual fee, you will still own the licence which never expires — hence the name. This is a license intended for a single user. Once installed, it can only be used by one used on one computer. Once the licence is activated you no not need access to the internet. The Floating licence SNL can be used by multiple users, but not at the same time. It can only be used if nobody else is using it at the time you access it.

These licences are used by the business where there are several ad-hoc SolidWorks users as it is the most cost-effective solution. This is a great option for most small businesses and self-employed engineers due to its minimal cash flow drain. This is unless you are happy to never receive any updates, which will quickly cause problems due to software compatibility issues — we talking about all related software, not just SolidWorks eg.

Operating system. The following are average price ranges for an annual SolidWorks subscription in the UK:. Term licenses can be a cost-effective and flexible way to use SolidWorks if you only need to use it for a short time period. Rentals are offered in 6- or month increments. The only way to purchase it is through a certified reseller also known as a certified value-added reseller VAR. Such resellers offer technical support, training and other services related to SolidWorks and CAD in general.

SolidWorks is one of the most popular CAD packages on the market. It is owned by Dassault Systemes who are also the owner of Abaqus. Its robust 3D modeling, drawing, and assembly modules are known for being easy to learn and extremely powerful, with many additional functions available for everything from sheet metal components to electrical system design to finite element analysis.

You can also learn more about this software by researching the top 5 SolidWorks forums on the web. For a detailed overview of these two packages, please read SolidWorks Standard vs Professional article. SolidWorks Standard is designed for the casual user who needs the core capabilities of drawings and part assemblies, including sheet metal, surfacing, weldments and mold tools, and it also includes 3D Interconnect to enable the user to incorporate CAD files from other systems into their design without translation.

SolidWorks Professional includes everything that SolidWorks Standard features, but adds in several features intended to boost productivity for the everyday user who needs to get through their work faster and more efficiently. In addition to their heavy-duty software, there are a handful of free tools available on the website that interface with their main CAD packages.

It can be downloaded for free on the Free Tools page. SolidWorks is a very powerful CAD package that can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Whether you just create 3D models, or you need to design a product from concept to manufacturing, SolidWorks will have what you need. This SolidWorks price guide can be used as a baseline to understand the market rate for a single license.

However, contact a reseller in your area for more accurate pricing. This post was originally published in August , and has been updated regularly for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness. Hello, and thank you for the useful article now I will use it as a comparison with my reseller given price. I’d like to know why you are obligued to buy and not pay-per-use or pay-per-month when you do not work in projects all the time. Thank you. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Facebook-f Linkedin Twitter. May 2, EngineeringClicks. There are 3 packages available Basic, Professional, and Premium. You can buy a Perpetual licence with an annual maintainance fee, or rent a Term licence. However, there has to be a starting point from which all resellers work to define their SolidWorks pricing.

To retrieve it, you must first request a quote, with SolidWorks requiring you to input your details on their website. The absence of publicly available SolidWorks pricing data appears to be an industry standard, with many resellers also shying away from displaying this information on their website, again, due to the factors we have mentioned above.

In contrast to AutoCAD pricing , which now includes only subscription options, SolidWorks offers both subscription term and perpetual licensing. But this is just limited to a few main SolidWorks products. Which is the right choice for your business will depend on whether you prefer to stick with a single version of SolidWorks, or would find it useful to have access to updates as they are released. You can check out the SolidWorks prices for a wide variety of SolidWorks packages in the table below.

We have sourced the pricing data below from one reseller serving the U. Please note that pricing may vary by territory and by reseller. Additionally, SolidWorks sells data management software, also through its resellers. However, we did not manage to find a reseller that has published up-to-date pricing data. For this information, you have to request a demo from your local reseller. Not quite sure what the differences are between the Standard, Professional and Premium versions of SolidWorks?

As the name suggests, the term license allows you to use the software program for a limited time in a model akin to renting the application. Most resellers offer a three-month or one-year term. The term license is considerably cheaper and is ideal for users who are not regular users of the SolidWorks product they intend to purchase.

It is also suited for freelancers, startups, or hobbyists. The second license option, the perpetual license, does not have an expiry date and can be used in perpetuity. For this reason, it is more expensive than a term license in the short term. With it has a higher initial cost, the SolidWorks perpetual license is cheaper over the long term. For instance, the graph below indicates that the cumulative cost of the term license exceeds the upfront cost of the perpetual license during the third year.

That said, some resellers charge subscriptions to their support services in increments of one year. So, the long-term costs may be high if you opt to pay for this option. SolidWorks Perpetual License vs. Term License Cost Over Time source. Also known as a perpetual floating license, the latter is more expensive than the former. As a student, you do not have to worry about the term or perpetual license as you can simply purchase SolidWorks for students. As we have detailed below, it is cheaper than the other offerings.

Yes, provided you pay the subscription fee your reseller charges known as a service subscription on top of the cost of the perpetual license. Otherwise, you cannot receive updates. Though the subscription requires you to part with some money annually, the updates that accompany this expenditure are beneficial.

This is especially because designs created and saved using newer versions of SolidWorks are not compatible with older versions. Simply put, SolidWorks does not support backward compatibility of the files. If your work requires collaboration with other professionals who are likely to use newer versions of SolidWorks, it would be best to consider paying the subscription fee if you are a perpetual license holder. Else, you can simply choose the term license option because of the reason below.

Resellers treat a term license as a subscription. In this regard, term license customers receive all the benefits that subscribers enjoy, including updates and support. You can use the term license of a SolidWorks add-on with a perpetual license of a compatible SolidWorks software and vice versa.

This holds provided the term license had not expired.



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I loaded into Win10 and it was a magnificent feeling. I’m going to say it one more time, this monitor is HUGE. I’ve been using my two displays for about two months now. They no longer seem huge, but just right. Having to use anything smaller is a struggle now.

So, some technical information about this display. I work a day job but run my own side business. I do a lot and need essentially a monitor that could handle it all. It handles that perfectly fine. This card has 4x DP1. It is a professional card made for heavy work. However, it can function perfectly fine in this role. The monitors came pre-calibrated with a certificate sheet in each box. I only had to do a little bit of tweaking to get them to where I needed.

I also adjusted the contract and brightness down. I keep the brightness at about 30 at night and 60 during the daytime. I’m so used to using bad TN panels over the past two decades, that I calibrate my monitors and design working space for my project specific needs, illuminating the need for precision color in my work.

It wasn’t worth it for me. HDMI is a proprietary input and there is a royalty that the end-user ends up paying to have it. Additionally, it’s an entertainment input; I’m guessing this monitor is geared more towards the consumer than the creator. I’m using one of them now for an auxiliary box and it’s pretty laggy.

Luckily I don’t care about that machine, but it’s still annoying. The stand does not have any height adjustment but functions fine and does its job; I tried it briefly before storing them as these displays are wall-mounted for my use.

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The PiP feature is kind of annoying to me, since it places a rectangle over the main input; which will of course block something eventually, but the PbP feature is GREAT! It’s true, there is some strange effect occurring in about the outer most 10 pixels of the panel.

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The screen has a very low glow, as it has to since the LED’s push light through the panel to illuminate it, but it’s the lowest amount of glow I’ve seen in the few IPS monitors I’ve used at offices. It’s pretty darn close to my old TN panels from I’m very happy. The colors look great and doing photography retouching on such a huge screen is a dream come true. Everything is so big and clear and I can see more of an image at once.

CAD files are also great since you can see so much more at once. Pro Tip: If using Win10, you can snap windows to quadrants by bringing your window to any corner. This feature is sweet having just come from Win7 and only having the two side snap options. Makes you much more productive. I’ve only used it to update the firmware on my monitors, but it could be usefull for some.

So, overall I’m completely in love with my two new screens. Hope this review was helpful and good luck! No issues. UPDATE 2: I included two images of the mouse at the edge of the monitor to show what it looks like viewing straight on you can fully see the mouse over the MS Start button, right up the monitor bezel and then at an angle, essentially most of the mouse pointer “vanishes”.

This doesn’t bother me; I’ve gotten use to it, but others seem to struggle with it. Verified Purchase. I originally wanted to get an HDR monitor, but the ones that have been announced so far are 32″ or smaller. That means at 4k you pretty much need to enable scaling. So I decided getting a 4k monitor where you wouldn’t need to scale was more important.

Which brings us to this monitor. It is big, bright, and beautiful. It changed the way I use the computer. Instead of alt-tabbing between windows, I have now gotten into habit of snapping windows to the sides and corners using Windows 10’s built-in snapping features. Weirdly you can’t snap windows to the top and bottom halves of the screens, but you can resize after snapping to a corner. I’m sure MS will add that feature in the future. Also, there are keyboard shortcuts for snapping windows to the sides but not for the corners for some reason.

Other positives: non-glossy surface, no dead pixels on my unit Some negatives: speakers have almost no bass, some pixels on the sides of the screen can only be viewed head-on, once in a while the screen will go black for a second. Charles T. White Top Contributor: Watches. This LG monitor fills that bill nicely. It’s a near-perfect computer monitor and just as good as a 4K TV.

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